Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday, August 31

Today's Lunch

Bean, Cheese & Rice Burrito
seasoned pinto beans, shredded cheese and cilantro-lime rice wrapped in a tortilla
Pico de Gallo with Tortilla Chips
fresh tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and cilantro with lime juice

The burrito was a request from my daughters, combined with the need for another 'disposable' lunch for a field trip.  (Aaaack!)

Personally, cold burritos don't sound particularly appealing, so I heated the burritos and wrapped them in foil.  The burritos were essentially room temperature by lunch, but at least the cheese was melted into the beans and rice. The verdict?  The girls liked them.  I thought it was reasonably edible (I was a chaperone for the field trip du jour). 

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