Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, October 5

Today's Lunch

Mongolian Beef
savory stir-fry beef over brown rice
Mandarin Oranges with Kiwi
Ube Roll
Filipino "purple yam bread"

Mongolian Beef recipe from Handle the Heat.


  1. Stumbled on your blog through Syrendell. Wonderful job! You are an inspiration. Do your daughters really eat so much everyday?

  2. Welcome, and thank you very much! To answer your question, yes and sometimes no. I have very active, growing tween and teen girls, so their appetites vary...but they tend to be voraciously hungry most days. :) Since they are stuck at school, I prefer to err on the generous side.

    Both girls are light breakfast-eaters and also have an opportunity to eat a snack mid-morning, so they like to have more than food option.

    I must say that, more often than not, my 13-year-old is still absolutely 'starving' as soon as I pick her up in the afternoon despite her now-empty lunchbox. Poor, deprived child. ;)